Capture your wedding from five different viewpoints and relive every special moment as many times as you want. Then, hire a Wedit approved editor to create your dream wedding video thatís exactly your style.
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Shea & Richard

This video is one of our favorites because it captures all of the moments from the entire weekend, not just the ceremony.


Kristen & George

This is one of those videos that you could just watch on repeat. The couple is adorable together and the bride’s father walking her down the aisle is so touching.



Allison & Mike

We love this video because the couple is so in love and it shows, and because the guests all look like they’re having the time of their lives. Watching this makes you want to be there.


  When I was at a wedding in 2009 I noticed that there was a photographer capturing every moment of the wedding from start to finish, but a videographer was nowhere to be found. Having a background in film I thought it was a shame that the moments wouldnít be captured. Fast forward to a couple months later and I was talking to the bride and groom and asked why they hadnít gotten a video. Budget was among the top reasons and it turns out they totally regretted it. I thought there had to be a way to provide a way to capture the moments of the wedding and give the couple an option to get an awesome video while staying within their budget. Wedit is the result and for over a year we have helped couples capture their wedding and turn their memories into a priceless keepsake.